Ductless Range Hood

This ventilation concept would have to be one of the classic illusionary products devised to entice the unaware in a quick parting of their money.

How do I know, you may well ask….I leased an apartment that had one, and I like cooking.

To actually believe that recycled air similar to that on a space station was going to be possible from a simplistic device requires an incredible leap of faith.

Only the totally ignorant would risk installing such a product in their home in the hope that it would meet their demands.
Landlords will just so as to claim having a range hood in their rental.

Out of touch

While the rest of the world is talking about fresh clean air, the need to ventilate correctly to improve healthy living, we have a product being installed in kitchens doing the opposite.

Somehow the justification that something is better than nothing doesn’t quite do it!

Using a simple 250mm exhaust fan in the ceiling and ducted to a common roof ventilator or to the eaves is going to give you a far better result.

A high price to pay just to be confronted with the reality that separating cooking oils, moisture and odours with a simple filter that would struggle to avoid saturation.

The user will soon discover that they need to continually wipe away oil film from the tops of their cupboards and open doors and windows to get the stench out of their kitchen.

Should a fire occur when cooking on the stove one would not have the time to control and extinguish.
The flames would spread rapidly along oil deposits not realized with a blazing inferno being quickly realized putting all occupants at risk.

The only way to reduce the incidence of a fire would be to clean the filters continuously, and the chances of that happening is zilch.

Having this type of equipment in rental properties should be of concern as very few tenants bother to acquaint themselves with the essential maintenance requirements.

And all of this because someone doesn’t want to do what should be essential, and vent to atmosphere.

In a day and age where all is possible there are only two reasons why something is not done properly,

insolence, doesn’t want to know
ignorance, doesn’t know how to

Always duct to atmosphere either through roof or to eaves.

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