Axial & Centrifugal Fans

High performance Axial Fan from Condor
High performance Centrifugal fan from Condor
AC centrifugal

Condor Ventilation manufacture axial and centrifugal high performance fans in Australia.

Something to consider

Axial fans tend to be the most efficient fans available with efficiencies reaching up to 85%
Centrifugal fans create a steadier flow of air than axial fans but have a slower flow rate and also require a higher power input.

Your choice of an AC/DC axial displacement or centrifugal fan is determined by the performance you require as well as noise levels you are willing to accept.
A fan may be classified as having an air flow performance such as ‘x’ however it’s true performance is determined by the resistance of the housing it is installed in.
The minimal resistance design of the Condor equipment allows high efficiency performance due to it’s low resistance mounting.
Condor AC & EC fans feature low noise operation with high performance.

The 240vac unit is versatile and can be installed on any type of roof. The base is fabricated to the roof characteristics regarding roof pitch and profile.
In some cases the Condor axial fan is supplied in a cartridge like format and can be retro fitted to the throat of the roof ventilator base.
Filtered systems are also available.

Used as either a supply or exhaust unit.
The axial fan cartridge can be installed according to the flow direction required.

Whether for removing odour from an aged care facility…. supplying clean fresh filtered air into a day care centre ……or a butterfly breeding farm, the Condor AC & EC Series ticks all the boxes.
Adjustable speed control is also an optional feature of the all Condor fans where possible.
Filter systems can also be designed and supplied to suit specific applications.
Fans for specialised applications are also available.

An optional 12vdc linear actuated ceiling register is also available.

Both Axial & Centrifugal units are supplied with a custom base fabricated to suit both roof type and pitch to facilitate easy installation.
Fan housings and bases are in 304 or 316 grade stainless steel and resin coated to colorbond colour.

Image of Condor Axial Fan assembly in Condor Windtower
Condor Axial Fan Assembly
Image of Condor Axial fan with air flow controller
Image of Condor Roof Ventilator low resistance through design
Image of Condor Fan - Ceiling Vent for Condor Axial Fan
Image of Condor Ventilation - Ceiling Register manual controlled
Image of Condor Purge vent 12vdc actuated with remote controller