Condor Axial Fans Ingress & Egress

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Condor Axial Fan mounted on a low resistance housing

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Condor Axial Fans for ventilation Ingress and Egress.
When you want efficient ventilation with low noise operation and high performance because of the low resistance of the design.

Condor Axial fans are well-suited for applications that require a large volume of air to be moved over a long distance.
This type of fan is efficient at moving air in a specific direction because of the fan blade design.

Axial fans are ideal and very versatile for use in all situations, particularly high dust removal from indoor renovations, as well as ventilating large and small areas such as workshops, factories, warehouses in conjunction with natural atmospheric ingress and egress.

Whether removing odour from an aged care facility, supplying filtered air into a day care centre or for a butterfly breeding farm, the Condor Ventilation Axial Fan Series ticks all the right boxes because it is custom manufactured to suit specialised applications.

Using the Condor axial fan as either a supply or exhaust unit is achieved by changing the flow path by reversing the installation of the axial fan cartridge.

On the roof Condor axial fans are very versatile in that they can also function as a trickle feed roof ventilator when not operational.
The Condor axial can also be supplied with a custom fabricated housing suited to purpose.

Fixed ceiling trim, or optional 12vdc actuated ceiling vent, can also be supplied.
The roof unit is fabricated in stainless steel and resin coated to colorbond colour.

Retro fitting

For retro fitting the axial fan is supplied in a cartridge like format so as to be able to slip into the throat of the existing ventilator.

Condor Axial Fan where axial fan is mounted within low resistance Windtower Roof Ventilator
"It's part of our new workplace ventilation system."

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