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Who ARE Condor

Manufacturers and designers of architectural ventilation systems for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

The Condor Solution

Condor Kinetic are ventilation industry professionals, and the highly specialized cyclone rated Condor Windtower roof ventilators is considered to be the cutting edge in roof ventilators.
The unique Condor Windtower design is distinct in its motionless appearance as it is unsurpassed in it’s long life, maintenance free, performance.

Condor manufacture only architectural ‘as project requires’ products with all fabrication performed in Australia including design and research. Condor products are original, and have full Australian back up and warranty.

The development of our architectural products follows and harmonizes with the template set by nature. In recent years a mechanical product range has been included for situations requiring immediate performance but mindful of the carbon footprint in their performance. Stainless steel is the preferred material for Condor products ensuring longer product life.

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Leading experts in the field

Condor staff are highly experienced professionals.

High quality standards

High performance architectural standard products.

Condor Ventilation Products

We manufacture and supply a range of innovative architectural products, all Australian made

Roof Ventilator

Windtower Roof Ventilation Systems

Roof ventilators for all roof types including raked and cathedral buildings

Windtower Roof Ventilation Systems

Commercial/Residential Windtower, Skillion roof ventiilation, Cathedral ceiling ventilation, Residential Single/Double Storey, Cupola Hub, Pool & Spa ventilation, Venting Indoor Pool, BAL fire ember screen

Flowmaster Airflow Controllers & Dampers

Controlling airflow

Flowmaster Airflow Controllers

Airflow Controllers, Airflow Controllers/Dampers

Purge /Door /Eaves Ventilation Products

Specialised vents for wet area doors such as bathrooms

Door/Purge/Eaves Vents

Door Vent Bathroom, Purge Vent Heat & Odours, Eaves Vents

Purge Vents & Ceiling Registers for Skillion Roof and Cathedral Ceilings

Specialised venting systems for Skillion Roof and cathedral ceilings.

Ceiling Registers

Ceiling Register Residential & Commercial, Ceiling Register manual operation

DraftMaster AntiDowndraft Fire Flue Systems

DraftMaster Fire Flue Systems

Fireplace Anti Downdraft Cowls, Open Hearth Fireplace design, Flue System Slow Combustion

Condor SD Special Delivery (Mechanical)

Special Delivery (Mechanical)

Exhaust Fans commercial & residential, DuctDown Heating, DuctDown Bathroom, Damper Closure commercial

Soluminaire Architectural Skylights & Lighting

Soluminaire Skylights & Lighting

Soluminaire 350 Skylight Luminaire, Lighting Recesses commercial & residential

CraftMaster Architectural Interiors

CraftMaster Architectural

Carnivale Ceilings commercial & residential Bathroom Line Drain Cradle Product Recess Platform commercial & residential

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