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Manufacturers and designers of passive and powered architectural roof ventilation systems for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

You have a summer heat ventilation problem.....and we have the coolest solutions.....

When in doubt…see architectural notes...at top of page
Whether it be venting heat, odour, moisture, dust etc. from residential, commercial or industrial, raked, vaulted or cathedral ceilings, to improving air quality in all situations; we have the best solution for you.

Condor manufacture ‘project specific products’ in Australia, with full Australian back up support and warranty.

Condor’s product design and manufacture is primarily based on performance and durability, with aesthetics being secondary.

Stainless steel is the preferred material for Condor products and all are resin coated to your colorbond colour.

Innovative Condor Ventilation Products

Roof Ventilator

Windtower Roof Ventilation System (multi-venturi )

Windtower Roof Ventilation Systems

Commercial/Residential Windtower, for Skillion, Cathedral & Vaulted ceiling ventilation

Flowmaster Airflow Controllers & Dampers

Flowmaster Airflow Controllers

Controlling loss and retention of heat load
Eaves vent

Eaves Ventilation Products

Condor HiFlow stainless steel eaves vents

Door/Purge/Eaves Vents

Door Vent Bathroom, Purge Vent Heat & Odours, Eaves Vents
Condor Purge Vent

Purge Vents for Skillion, Vaulted & Cathedral Ceilings

Purge vents

Purge Vents Residential & Commercial, 12vdc and manual operation
Draftmaster anti downdraft

DraftMaster AntiDowndraft Fire Flue Systems

DraftMaster Fire Flue Systems

Maximising the efficiency of your fireplace or slow combustion heater
roof ventilator windtower

Condor SD Special Delivery (Mechanical)

Special Delivery (Mechanical)

Exhaust Fans commercial & residential, DuctDown Heating, DuctDown Bathroom, Damper Closure commercial
Soluminair skylight

Soluminaire Skylights & Lighting

Soluminaire Skylights & Lighting

Soluminaire 350 Skylight Luminaire, Lighting Recesses commercial & residential
Suspended Ceiling design

CraftMaster Architectural Interiors

CraftMaster Architectural

Carnivale Ceilings commercial & residential Bathroom Line Drain Cradle Product Recess Platform commercial & residential

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