Roof Ventilation with
Air Conditioning & Insulation


Condor Windtower multi venturi roof ventilation with air conditioning and insulation

Installing good roof ventilation allows the air conditioning system to perform at maximum efficiency.

At night, roof ventilation allows purging of heat absorbed by the building during the day.
This heat load is removed so as not to be carried forward into the following day.
This way the air conditioning system is always functioning at peak efficiency.

The Condor roof ventilation system is not an alternative to air conditioning but to allow less use of the air conditioning by improving it’s efficiency.

Condor engineers will assist in the selection of the appropriate equipment needed.

Where Evaporative, maximise the efficiency by directing the cool air volume up into the roof which is a more cost efficient alternative to releasing it through doors and windows.

Evaporative air conditioning with Condor Windtower roof ventilator
save on air conditioning costs

we have air conditioning ….

we just can’t afford to

run it

Analogy – in simple terms

Insulation – is like putting an on overcoat, to prevent heat loss or gain.
Ventilation – is like breathing
Air Conditioning – a cost based climate system controlling living conditions reliant on consumption of electrical energy with or without water.

Putting on an overcoat is not going to make you breathe any better, and the air conditioner is not going to improve the quality of air.

Conversely, breathing well will contribute to your remaining cooler, and healthier.

So of the three, ventilation can be seen as the most essential.