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Skylights by Condor Ventilation

Solum & Soluminaire architectural tubular skylights are a discerning answer to a need for light in buildings.

  • Leakproof
  • Hail impact resistance
  • UV Resistant
  • No pooling with good water runoff characteristics
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Colorbond colors
  • Models for steel and tile roof
  • 20 Year warranty on fabrication

Condor developed both Solum & Soluminaire skylights to reduce visual congestion on ceilings and allow natural light ingress into an otherwise dark room.
There are two models,
Solum is a daylight only model and the other incorporates fluorescent or LED as an evening light source.
Soluminaire provides both natural and electric light from the one location on the ceiling.
Services requiring presence in small internal areas of aged care accommodation has increased resulting in visual congestion.
The consolidation of light source is an advantage to such areas.

The Soluminaire Day & Night unit is a luminaire where the electric function is a little more sophisticated and energy efficient.
The LED lighting is popular, due to it’s energy efficiency, however many find that the conventional fluorescent is less irritating to the eyes especially to those that have light sensitive vision.

Installation is relatively simple with two SR and TR models for tile and steel roof. Custom designs and applications are also available.

Mounting recesses for ceilings are also available.

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Skylights by Condor

Design Model:
Solum 350 SS/Day
Soluminaire 350 SS/Day and Night

Roof Light Type: Tubular mirror reflector
Light Transmission: tubular polished mylar light transmission – 240v -40w Circular Fluorescent or LED
Roof Unit: Fabricated from 304 stainless steel and resin coated to specified colour with impact resistant dome for steel or tile roof.
Interior Unit: Dual or single function – natural light and 240v electric light (circular fluorescent ) fabricated in steel and glass.


Installation Model:
Steel roof 350 SS/SR Day
Tile roof 350 SS/TR Day
Installation of the architectural Solum & Soluminaire skylights are available for steel or tile roof.
Fitting instructions are supplied specific to roof type.
All architectural skylights are supplied specific to roof type and colour and is not a common hardware ‘on shelf item’

Condor Soluminaire logo for Condor Skylights