Ventilating your home by design

Ventilate your home by design by Condor Ventilation

Ventilate your home by design

Today much is said about ventilation, not because it’s a new phenomena but because homes are more tightly sealed.
To ventilate your home by design, prior to the build, is essential as solutions to problems discovered later will come at a greater expense.

The most common indicator of poor ventilation is when odours are sensed on initial entry into the house.
The saturation of household odours is highest after a winter season.

In the past natural ventilation existed as a consequence of the building technology employed and houses were not tightly sealed.
Plastics and synthetics were less common place in the home by way of furniture and furnishings.


Ventilation is not about air currents cascading down corridors but to air wash stale air out of rooms in a positive manner.
Trickle ventilation by natural displacement is what works best.
A balance is struck with air in and air out with the added advantage of being able to control and adjust the air flow.

Whether summer or winter, oxygen replenishment by way of ventilation is essential to family well being.
Obviously it is desirable to keep loss of heat to a minimum during the winter months however.
‘you have to be willing lose a little to gain a lot’, as is the case here here.
A balance of ingress and egress is essential so as to maintain better air quality in the home at all times.

Asthmatics are probably the most natural human indicator as to the air quality in a home by nature of their innate sensitivity.

Filtering the air is something you do where the particulate is identified as being detrimental and therefore requires removal.
However, by filtering the air too much people can also diminish human ability to cope with general ambient conditions.


Air quality is easily overlooked because it has no visual presence. However discomfort is easily sensed when that feeling of well being is interfered with.
Just as you always notice when a house has a ‘good feel’ about it.

Architects and designers employ natural ventilation techniques in the build, essentially enabling a house to aspirate, using and and incorporating products suitable to this end.

Ventilate your home by design, by Condor Ventilation


The reality is that when budget constraints arise the first things to be discarded are the pro active items, and very often at the request of the client and not the architect or designer.

It’s the simple things that have the biggest impact such as a ceiling vent(s) in a home.

Much is said about eating the right foods, keeping fit, weight down, less preservatives and organic produce…..very little is said about air quality in the home.

Added to this is the mind set of those who believe one product is the same as any other do so at their own risk.
They accept the misconception because of cost and then claim deception on discovering the detrimental reality of their choice.

When considering ventilation products in your build, let performance and sustainability, not price, dictate your choice.

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