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Condor Draftmaster Fire Flue system.

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The flue on your wood heater dictates the performance & efficiency.

Combustion requires air/oxygen

The term ‘pressure responsive’ is when the air pressure drops Condor pressure responsive flue systems allow ambient air back into the room replacing that which has been consumed.
The preheated air ingress is a consequence of air drawn in at the primary vent and down into the room below.
This provides a healthier outcome in that it stops the likelihood of smoke coming back down into the room.

Advantages of a Flowmaster Fire Flue System

  • Higher efficiency
  • Pre heats air ingress
  • Promotes updraft
  • Introduces correct back pressure
  • Eliminates downdraft
  • Cleaner burn cycle
  • No leaks or water pooling at roof penetration
  • Cleaner water harvesting
  • Full stainless fabrication
  • Resin coated to roof colour
  • Easy installation
Condor Draftmaster Fire Flue system

Why preferred?

Generic flue kits (one design fits all) supplied with wood heater sales have no specific performance advantages in either design or heat output.
A Condor Draftmaster PR flue system gets the best efficiency out of all types and sizes of wood heaters.

Design of Draftmaster PR flue systems

The Condor Draftmaster PR system incorporates an adjustable vent within the ceiling manifold to control the ambient pre-heated air into the room.
The Condor design allows you to terminate the installation below roof ridge height where situation allows.
The sealed secondary casing allows the active flue to retain a high heat level to ensure continuity of flow.
This is of particular benefit to high pitched and ‘A’ frame roofs.
The Draftmaster PR system is supplied in colorbond colours to match roof.
Both active flue and casing sections are fabricated in stainless steel with quality extending beyond Australian standards.

Roof Flashing

The custom fabricated roof flashing supplied with the system is specific roof pitch nominated, for both conventional and raked/cathedral ceilings.
The PR system is custom fabricated to required length with with stainless steel roof flashing included.

  • The advantages of the roof flashing having,
  • clear water runoff – with no pooling
  • structural strength – eliminating unsightly structural support
  • fabricated in stainless steel
  • colour coded to roof colour


Installation details are supplied with the flue system selected for your model and type of wood heater be it conventional or raked ceiling.

Condor are the only manufacturers of this type of flue system in the world

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Condor Atmospheric Flue System for ambient heated air re entry into the home
The Condor DraftMaster PR flue system allows preheated replacement air to enter the room via the primary casing vent.

Raked Ceiling Installation