Do you have Evaporative Air Conditioning?

by Isa Stralian

When it comes to air conditioning I can be totally unbiased as I believe in the more natural means of keeping cool.

Evaporative air conditioning works on displacement of the internal volume of an enclosed area / room(s)in a building.
Air in, equals air out.
In it’s operation, the air volume is normally displaced via doors and windows when the building is occupied.

However this manner of cooling has it’s shortcomings.
The system cannot be left operational when the building is unoccupied due to the security concerns of open doors and windows.
Because a means of displacement is not available, the EAC system cannot be used.

Until Now

Condor Ventilation has released a ventilation system that allows evaporative air conditioners to be used at anytime. Whether the building is occupied or not.

The Condor PR ceiling vent opens automatically the moment the room has positive pressure allowing the air to flow into the attic area.
The air is then directed up into the roof attic and then out through the Condor roof ventilator.

In this manner you are able to maximise the effectiveness on cooling and reduce overall operational costs.

The Condor Roof Ventilator also performs as a stand alone unit venting the roof independently when the air conditioner is not in use.
The demand on your air conditioner is minimised and keeps the ducting insulation from being saturated with heat.

Non saturated ducting insulation improves cooling performance.

All having been said I would be inclined toward the Evap system because I believe it to be a more naturally aligned system toward health however when confronted with hot humid days I would be wishing for a refrigerated system.

It’s fair to say that in regions such as Queensland one would definitely benefit with a refrigerated system and not an Evaporative


Evaporative air conditioning
Ceiling vent for evaporative air conditioning
Pressure Relief Ceiling Vent for Evaporative air conditioning

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