Condor DraftMaster SF Anti Downdraft Terminals

solid fuel series
for wood & coal heaters

Condor anti downdraft terminal/cowl for wood burning fireplaces and heaters

Fed up with having smoke in the room?
Frustrated at not knowing why, or what to do?
Everyone has an opinion but you’re on your own!

In the city, on the coast, snow or outback country, the best anti downdraft cowl is one that solves the problem….a Condor Draftmaster

All are happy to sell you their version of a solution, so what happens when you install it and it doesn’t work?……..

Only Condor have a 30 year history with 100% success rate when installed as per instruction.

The Draftmaster Anti Downdraft Terminal (Cowl)

  • developed to redirect downdraft potential in wood burning heater and fireplace flue systems.
  • does not require directional accommodation.
  • response to wind directional change is immediate
  • outperforms a wind directional cowl
  • Ideal where water quality when harvesting is of concern
  • fabricated in stainless steel in Australia
  • requires no maintenance

The Condor Draftmaster SF cowl applies the correct back pressure, as it establishes continuity of upward flow (gases & smoke) especially when fire is low.

The Draftmaster SF Terminal (cowl) has excellent discharge characteristics and allows for good water harvesting with the elimination of carbon and resinous materials .

The Draftmaster cowl is fabricated in Australia to suit individual applications, in 304 & 316 stainless steel and resin coated ‘Charcoal’ so as to maintain aesthetic and visual integrity over time from smoke staining.

An assessment is made as to the appropriateness of the Condor cowl to your installation when enquiring about availability.
Condor reserves the right to refuse supply where it considers that the Condor cowl is to be installed to a badly designed or poorly installed solid fuel burning heater or fireplace.

Condor anti downdraft cowl for wood burning fireplaces and heaters

The Condor Anti Downdraft Terminal/Cowl

  • Redirects downdraft potential
  • Improves updraft
  • Elevates heat output and fuel efficiency
  • Introduces appropriate back pressure
  • Minimizes excessive heat loss
  • Eliminates carbon build up*
  • Non contamination where water harvesting
  • Eliminates unwarranted extension of flue system
  • Optionally fitted with stainless steel bird mesh
  • Maintenance free

For higher efficiency, cleaner burn and smoke free performance … install a Condor.

Condor products are shipped world wide

Anti downdraft cowl sizing for smoking fireplaces & stoves.