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Residential Condor Windtower roof ventilators

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And you may ask, why is a Condor Windtower superior to the rotating whirly whizbanger?

Because it works better and only one is needed on a common area roof space!
More is not better as convergence to a central point is more efficient.
Windtower roof ventilators can be closed off during winter keeping the heat in for redirection to the rooms below.

Free heat!

Smart home owners install a Condor Windtower roof ventilator on their roof.
A silent, pressure responsive multi venturi roof ventilator that has no moving parts.
A roof ventilation portal that performs in all weather conditions, and in all geographical locations that requires no maintenance.
The architectural Windtower is custom fabricated to custom roof pitch and resin colour coated.
Material is stainless steel.

Operational modes of the Windtower can be seen on right.
Heat – Wind – Pressure

Advantages of the Condor Windtower

  • Only one required for a common roof area.
  • Keeps building cooler than any alternative roof ventilators.
  • Designed to suit raked, skillion and cathedral ceilings.
  • Can be closed for heat retention
  • Optional closure or shutoff facility
  • No moisture precipitation in a sarked roof
  • Maintenance free.
  • Performs in all weather conditions.
  • Pressure responsive to internal heat load and external air currents.
  • Provides excellent pressure relief for exhaust fans.
  • BAL solutions are available.
  • Cyclone rated to 300kph.
  • 30 Year product warranty
  • Made in Australia
  • Designed for all roof types
  • Tile and steel
  • Conventional Ceiling
  • Raked Ceilings
  • Cathedral Ceilings
  • Skillion
Heat Venting of Conventional Roof / Single Storey

One appropriately sized Windtower is installed to centre of roof so as to allow efficient heat convergence to the roof ventilator.
Purge vents are installed to to the ceilings allowing heat egress into the roof attic and out the Windtower.

Condor High Flow Eaves vents (stainless steel) can also be fitted in soffits for air ingress into attic area.

Conventional Roof / Double storey

Install internal purge vents where soffit eaves vents prove to be impractical .
(refer to adjacent diagram)

Image for Condor Windtower roof ventilator
Image of schematic indicating heat retention dynamics of a vented dwelling
Skillion or Raked Ceiling

Where insufficient air space exists for conventional venting as per an attic void.
The Windtower roof ventilator is installed on the roof with the Draftmaster Purge vent directly beneath.
In instances where space is limited, the purge vent is recessed into the throat of the ventilator base.
The release of heat to atmosphere allows the room to cool efficiently.
Draftmaster ceiling purge vents allow full control over air movement through the roof ventilator to atmosphere
Purge vents are opened and closed, either full or incrementally, allowing total control.

Condor engineers will be able to advise further as to your specific situation

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