Do You have faith in the Australian Building Standards?

The Australian building standards, or specifically ABCB, their activity being to collate material regarding construction in Australia and then sell it as being the word of the Deity of choice.

Most of what has been stated, suggested and surmised on this subject has been on a platform of ignorance, conjecture and supposition, with little or no true scientific reference.
Instead of raising the bar, they lower it so as to appease the so called peak body representing a particular sector.

The Australian Building Codes Board, would seem to be in the habit of suggesting standards based on manufacturers contribution and preferences, with no supporting research.

When the ABCB was questioned about various issues regarding ventilation, the ABCB claimed that the recommendations come from Peak Body, ( An organisation which represents an entire sector of industry or the community to the government)
Much like vested interests.
The analogy being, allowing banks to set preferred interest rates.

When asked to show the information justifying their position, they have none, much less show.

Then the ABCB presents these standards to Australian Building Authorities & City Corporations, who blindly accept believing that the ABCB have the research to back their claims.

The ABCB accepts no responsibility for any negative outcome arising from their recommendations claiming that they are recommendations only.
It is the City Corporations or Shire Councils that enforce these recommendations but accept no responsibility for any detrimental outcome.

Mediocrity at it’s best.

When confronted with any anomaly in the Building Codes, the builder is advised to inquire as to whether the city council has further clarification as to it’s preferences.
No one will accept responsibility for any negative outcome arising from the standard/s imposed in the construction of the building.

Legal advice suggests that the legal responsibility resides with the enforcing body eg councils, insurance companies?


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