The Condor Windtower is a silent, pressure responsive multi venturi, roof ventilator that has no moving parts.

Windtower roof ventilators
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Advanced design features of the Condor Windtower Roof Ventilator

The Condor Windtower is a venting portal able to perform in all weather conditions, including cyclonic, with zero maintenance cost.
The Condor Windtower is a silent, pressure responsive multi venturi, roof ventilator that requires no rotation.
The Condor design is superior to it’s wind rotating counterparts.

Operational mode = All of the 3 variables

Heat – Wind – Pressure
Employing all physical eco principles in it’s pressure responsive operation


Performs in all weather conditions
High Ingress & Egress performance
Very efficient
Reduces dust presence
Is maintenance free
BAL solutions available
Cyclone rated
Easy to install
Made in Australia

Used In
Entertainment Centres
Indoor Sporting Complexes
Grain Storage Facilities
Water Storage
Conveyor Lines
Indoor Pools & Spas
Fire & Smoke relief

Elevator shafts
Dust control
Image Performance modes of Condor Windtower roof ventilator

The Australian designed and manufactured Condor WindTower is fabricated in stainless steel and resin coated to colorbond colours.
Ideal for cyclonic regions, and offering options such as air flow control systems and BAL solutions for high fire risk situations.
Ventilators are easy to install and require no additional structural steel work.

Image Condor Ventilation Roof Fan powered Ventilator
Windtower Roof Ventilator
Image Chart of Windtower Roof ventilator models and dimensions


Determination of number of WindTower roof ventilator(s) suitable is assessed by the activities within the area.
Heat generated from plant and equipment as well as any toxic emissions along with seasonal conditions.

The Condor formula of roof deployment moves away from the less efficient ‘air change’ approach of the past.
The Windtower’s efficiency is based on removing the thermal laminar layers within the building as opposed to disturbing them with mechanical agitation.

Windtowers are an integral part of modern building design where all natural eco phenomena is utilized in improving the character of the workplace.

Roof Ventilators shall be Condor Windtower SS/SR (size) manufactured by Condor Ventilation supplied with custom mounting to (pitch & type) roof and colour to be installed only as per manufacturers specifications.

Air Flow Controller with 240vac drive open / drive close, Siemens rotary actuator as supplied by Condor.

Image Condor Ventilator air flow controller/damper

Schematic of Condor Windtower Roof Ventilator with AFC

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