Roof Ventilation Flim Flam

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So you thought you would try to find the answer to your problem on the internet and you are confronted with roof ventilation flim flam.

You know next to nothing and you’re hoping someone will enlighten you, the neighbour says this, your inlaw says that, and the lady at the pet shop says something else.
Something isn’t quite right but where can you go to find out?

Professional online specialists are virtually non existent and the number of faceless promoters using ‘ventilation’ to sell you’ insulation’, are ever increasing?

You want this, but you end up with that,…. because you thought, ….whereas in reality you made a decision in a confused state brought about by the slick ‘flim flam’ man.


Online sites are where you will find ventilation flim flam, vague ambiguous claims that suggest one thing but in fact are saying something else, you need to read extremely carefully and even then question yourself as to your ability to comprehend what is being claimed.

You enquire online about ventilation, and all of a sudden you’re hijacked into considering insulation or some such solution…. how?….. you may well ask….
Because you want to believe that they addressing your issue.

One of the better attempts of online flim flam…..

You get the slick salesman who sideline the reader by presenting a narrative ‘Does roof Ventilation Work?
And then attempts to change the narrative with…….. ‘before we answer the question of “Does roof ventilation work?” lets talk about insulation’ ….

Hello!….changing the spark plugs doesn’t solve the problem of a flat tyre.

It becomes obvious that the promoter is not interested in solving your problem.
His purpose is to promote his narrative, in whatever manner he can, to sell you his product range that have little to with solving your problem.

The entity, will have no idea about ventilation, and or the pros and cons of ventilation systems, particularly in the home, so you’re not going to get any joy whatsoever and become more confused.

The moment you realize nothing makes sense, you’re getting caught in flim flam….drop it cold and move on as,
‘In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king’
and you will see that the ventilation/insulation industry is just that.

Fear of the unknown

When fear is employed in the promotion of products and concepts online it renders the reader impotent, particularly as he/she is simply looking for a solution to their specific problem.
What makes it worse is that the extent of the problem has not yet been defined so a comprehensive solution is not possible.

Enquiring about a solution

When enquiring about a product, ask the presenter to outline the pros and cons of the product or solution being proposed.
If they suggest there are no cons, then you’re talking to a salesman and being scammed, or a tradie who knows next to nothing other than how to install.

When you ask, does it work?…. and the response is, we’ve sold/ installed thousands….So…. was your question answered?…No!

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