Best way to Ventilate Bedrooms

The No 1 enemy of a fresh clean smelling home is odour and the ventilating of bedrooms has become a priority.

One of the prevalent characteristics all homes have with children, particularly those of adolescent age, is odour.
Whether it be from socks, shoes or general hormonal secretions, bedrooms tend to get on the nose.

Added to this, even more essential in ensuring odours are not absorbed into the furnishings.

Purge vents are an ideal way of keeping the rooms fresher by venting into the roof space, allowing the odours to vacate.
Saturating the room fresheners or deodorants as a quick fix is not recommended.
Air pollution, or contamination, is what it is.
A can with a nice flowery label is not going to change the quality.

A little like applying deodorant without bathing/showering.


Of course the benefit to this type of venting is allows the room to stay fresh, particularly of a summer’s evening when the room is able to cool down and purge it’s heat load through the ceiling vent.
This allows better sleep without the dehydrating effect of an overhead sweep fan.

Ventilating bedrooms with Condor

A ceiling Purge Vent such as the Condor PP 250 or 300 is sufficient to meet the needs of any bedroom especially as the closure can be opened incrementally.

Its operation using an extended control rod with the unit being opened and closed with a push/ pull action.

The Condor 12VDC model is electrically powered and optionally available with remote control.

Adults and children with respiratory problems, asthmatic etc, also benefit by having a purge vent in their room.

This mode of natural venting is called ‘trickle flow’ or ‘pressure displacement’ ventilation, which is aided by the roof ventilator.

When selecting venting equipment remember that plastic products have a limited life and finding a replacement at a later stage may not be so simple.

The Condor PP Purge Vent movement is constructed in stainless steel and brass, resin coated white, and has a 30 year operational warranty. The linear actuator in the 12vdc model has a 10 year warranty.

Condor Kinetic

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