architect v building designer

Architect or Building Designer

In the question of who do you want, or which is better, an architect or building designer, particularly since disciplines overlap.
The technical and social definitions have become blurred so it’s easy to become confused as to who does what.

The difference between the two is in the social perception.
Very often one can be architect, building designer & builder.

Social convention places the architect above that of the building designer but a building designer is often sought to interpret the client/developer’s wishes.

The architect can be said to be creative in a technical sense and dislikes boundaries being set whereas the designer tends to work within boundaries defined by the client.

On large projects collaboration between the architect and building designer is more rewarding to the client.
As mentioned previously, one practitioner can be capable of doing both.
The client is often guided by the individual’s historical works, and creative proposal.

In the case of a dwelling, some would say the focus of the architect is more in the edifice.
The building designer is guided by the client accepting the responsibility of the ergonomic design.

Conclusion to Architect v Building Designer

The architect’s input as regards to the nature of the fittings, fixtures and finish re specifications is a distinct advantage.

In the end it becomes a personal preference based on objective goals with the end result being whether you prefer hanging Gauguin or Picasso on your walls.

On casual assessment it has been noted that developers tend to stay with a building designer, on a greater no of builds, than with an architect.

Being mindful developers are focused on profit, and architectural ego is focused on the quality of the build itself.


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