Multi tasking fans in Bathrooms

Multi tasking fans for bathrooms seem like a good idea and the marketing presentation has you believing that it’s a great idea and too good to pass up.

A product well designed to perform a single task it will do so quite efficiently.
When a product is designed to do two things, a problem created by compromise will be in play.
It will do neither task well as a dedicated product to each would.
A product performing three tasks is even worse.


A product that combines a light fitting with a fan has the problem of placement and the noisy performance of the fan.
The product will inevitably be made in plastic and when touched in due course for cleaning or some such reason, it will break.

If the unit has heat lamps around the fan, the fan will exhaust the heat up and out, when both on.
The heat on the plastic renders it brittle and ready to break when touched.

The impulse buy product offers claims to multi task……and you think, ‘why buy two or three items when this will do all?’
The purchaser purchases on presumption based on inexperience.
They see but don’t think, because they want to believe with nothing but faith.


Wet areas such as bathrooms are the target for such products and where conventional wisdom should be exercised.

Exhaust fans should always be placed over the shower so the steam carried away as soon as it is created.
A light fitting should be between mirror and viewer so as to avoid shadowing.

A multi tasking unit does not allow such placement, so think again.

Replacement and repair

In a day and age where maintenance costs in the home are rising, due to poor product selection.
You can ill afford to install poorly designed products, as cost of maintenance and or replacement is ever increasing.

Which is better Axial or Centrifugal fan?

Axial fans are used where there is minimal resistance between supply and exhaust or in to out.
Centrifugal fans are employed where resistance is incurred between in to out such as air volume being directed through ducting over a distance. This resistance creates a higher air pressure and therefore have higher energy consumption.
A Centrifugal fan creates a constant air flow but Axials are capable of a higher volume with less energy consumption.

So to simplify, use an
Axial for short distance, minimal resistance
Centrifugal for long distance, high resistance

Condor Ventilation

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