How to ventilate a Cathedral Ceiling

by Isa Stralian

Ventilating a cathedral ceiling is essential because in the summer months ….the room heat slowly… and stay hotter longer.
During the winter the room the need to retain heat is paramount.

Venting the heat out during the summer season is the answer, but to do it without creating consequential issues.


Select an appropriately sized roof ventilator or cupola.
Its’ size is determined by the area and footprint of the room, together with low level air ingress (via door and windows)

A matching operable ceiling purge vent that can be opened and closed is installed directly underneath.
The purge vent will be either manual operation, push / pull, using a rod of suitable length, or 12vdc linear actuated operation.
The 12vac purge vent is hard wired to ceiling unit with wireless switching or remote control.

Having a ceiling purge vent able to be opened fully or incrementally, as you might a window, will be of considerable benefit.
The vent can be used to freshen the room as occasion requires especially in teenager bedrooms.
Security issues as with a window will not exist and the vent can be left open at any time, in any weather without detrimental consequence.

Effect on upper level

The difference experienced after it’s installation is quite remarkable.
A different room altogether especially if on upper levels.
On an upper level both the ceiling vent and ventilator will need to be larger as the total heat load of the house will be moving upwards and the vent will need to cope with the higher volume.

The cost may seem like an unwelcome expense but a distinct transformation will be experienced.

All ventilation products should be selected on performance and durability.

Avoid plastic products as they will inevitably become brittle and require replacement.

Condor Kinetic

12vdc actuated Condor Purge Vent for raked and cathedral ceilings

The Condor Purge vent accompanying the Windtower roof unit can be operated either manually with an extendable rod and hook or with 12vdc linear actuator.
Wireless switching is also available

The unit is fabricated in steel and resin coated white.

Roof vent with air flow controller to ventilate a cathedral ceiling

Air flow controller in the throat of the Condor Windtower Cupola mounted on the ridge of the roof has a 240vac rotary actuator

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