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Beware of

The installation of poor quality roofing on homes, in respect to ventilation and skylight products on the low quality index, is on the increase.
The average life expectancy of the low cost products on average is 18 months.
The cost of installation will outweigh the cost of the product, unless it’s done on a wink and a prayer.
Low quality roofing products offered online are becoming more and more prevalent.
The service industry, as regards to these roof ventilators and skylights, is expecting a high demand for their services.


The home owner is setting himself for ongoing pain and suffering unless he has a son, son in law, nephew or mate to help him out….
And they’re only going to do it once, especially if they don’t like what they see.

The greater the demand, the greater the likelihood of roofing shonks appearing on the landscape, armed only with a tube of silicone and dispenser.
Offering you a price you can’t refuse.

When in doubt ask for bona fide and not his mate down the pub with a mobile no.

The worst aspect is that you’re not likely to discover the quality of work performed until the following wet season.

When a roof ventilator fails or skylight leaks, someone has to get up on the roof, to address the problem, and usually at a price.
The product has to be repaired or replaced, usually replaced because the product is not designed to be repaired.
Only if they find the problem under the ton of sealant already there.
Now you’re set for another two to three years, hopefully.

A well managed home requires less in the way of ongoing maintenance, but if maintained on  a song and a prayer weellll….hand on heart…..’trust me, would I lie to you?”……..SELL!
An enterprising person with a lot of energy might be looking for a project, just don’t paint the house yellow.
On the other hand there are plenty of slum landlords out there looking to increase their presence on the govt rental assistance schemes.

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