Condor Windtower SS 350 Roof Ventilator

The Condor Windtower 300/SS roof ventilator is a passive, pressure responsive multi venturi ventilator that has no moving parts.
It is far superior to the ‘gone with the wind’ rotating counterparts with only one being required for a common area.
A venting portal that performs in all weather conditions and all geographical locations, with zero maintenance cost.

Other residential sizes 300, 450, 500, 550

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The Australian designed and manufactured Condor WindTower SS Series fabricated in stainless steel and resin coated to colorbond colours.
Both residential and commercial units are designed for cyclonic regions, and used on conventional as well as raked and cathedral roofs.
Also offering options such as air flow control systems and BAL solutions for high fire risk areas.
The Condor Windtower roof ventilators are fabricated  to roof pitch in stainless steel, and resin coated to colour required.
Are available in both passive and powered and in varying sizes, easy to install, requiring no additional structural consideration.

Residential Ventilator for Steel & Tile roof

Commercial Windtower Roof Ventilator


Ingress & Egress performance
Highly efficient
Reduces dust ingress
Maintenance free
Performs in all weather conditions
Pressure responsive to internal and external currents
BAL solutions
Cyclone rated
Easy to install

Made in Australia

Residential models are used on
Cathedral  and raked roofs
Double and Multi storey dwellings
Indoor Pools & Spas
Evaporative Air-conditioning systems
Fire & Smoke relief
Venting of conventional roof space
Venting of Solar battery enclosures

Dust control
Hydroponic propogation

Commercial models are used In
Entertainment Centres
Indoor Sporting Complexes
Grain Storage Facilities
Water Storage
Hydroponic purposed buildings
Conveyor Lines
Indoor Pools & Spas
Fire & Smoke relief
Elevator shafts
Dust control

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 350 × 350 × 340 cm

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