Condor Flowmaster Purge Vent PP 300 Series

PP Purge vents are manually operated ceiling unit manufactured by Condor to ventilate heat, odour and dust, out of rooms allowing a healthier environment.
Used for passive ventilation, air conditioning, both refrigerated and evaporative.
A positive contribution to improving comfort levels with no operational cost.
Installed to conventional, raked or cathedral ceilings.

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Just what you need to remove unpleasant odours, toxic fumes or heat from a room.
The vent is used as one would use a window in that it can be opened either fully or incrementally.
PP manual is a simple push / pull operation.
Using an extended rod and claw, to max ceiling height of 3.0 metres.
The 12vdc linear actuated Purge vent is recommended for higher ceilings.
Steel fabrication with tension adjustment to brass & stainless slide movement
10 year warranty.
Can be used with any appropriately sized roof ventilator.

Flowmaster Purge Vents


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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 350 × 350 × 200 cm