Purge Vents
Condor Flowmaster

12vdc actuated Condor Purge Vent for raked and cathedral ceilings

Venting Cathedral – Raked – Skillion roof.

Upstairs is hot!
The air conditioner isn’t coping ……and no one is getting any sleep.

What to Do?
Get the trapped heat out of the house.

And this is how to do it!

Cool air in the window, heat rises up through the ceiling purge vent and out through the roof ventilator.

And you close the purge vent during winter months

The Thinking Gorilla

Purge vents are manufactured by Condor to ventilate heat, odour and dust, out of rooms allowing a healthier environment and used with all appropriately sized roof ventilators other than the Condor Windtower.

Installed to conventional, raked or cathedral ceilings they are a positive contribution to improving comfort levels with no operational cost.

The Condor Purge Vent is more efficient than a conventional window as it can remain open during inclement weather without security concerns.
The ability to remove unpleasant odours, toxic fumes or heat at various times of the year, irrespective of weather.
The vent is used the same as one would use a window in that it can be opened either fully or incrementally.

Available in various sizes, in both manual (push /pull) or 12 vdc linear actuator operation, hard wired or remote control operation.

PP manual is a simple push / pull operation using an extended rod and claw, to max ceiling height of 3.0 metres. The 12vdc linear actuated Purge vent is recommended for higher ceilings.

Purge vents can also be used in conjunction both types of air conditioning systems.

Standard opening stroke length 100mm standard, with optional 150mm Both PP and 12vdc can be opened incrementally.
12vdc units are available either hard wired or with remote control option.

Residential sizes from 250 – 500 dia.

Condor architectural products are fabricated in steel, and resin coated to colour. (white is default)

Installation is simple and straight forward.

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Purge vent schematic for the venting  raked, vaulted and cathedral ceilings to atmosphere.
12vdc Linear Actuator
Purge Vent for venting heat out of raked ceilings and or skillion roof.