Condor Roof Ventilation Products & Concepts

Residential Condor Windtower roof ventilator

Condor Windtower Roof Ventilators

The ultimate roof ventilator in the world today.
Leakproof installation.
No maintenance.
Australian made in stainless steel.

Performace dynamics of Condor Windtower multi venturi roof ventilator

The Thinking Gorilla

Cathedral – Raked Skillion roof ventilation

How to vent through a Cathedral/Raked/Skillion roof.
Closeable manual push/pull or 12vdc air tight closure.

Raked roof / Cathedral ceiling
Venting through a Condor Windtower roof ventilator with closable ceiling Purge vent

Condor Draftmaster anti downdraft cowl

Anti-Downdraft Terminals/Cowls

Solve downdraft problems.
City, snow, coast or outback country, the best anti downdraft cowl is a stainless steel Condor Draftmaster…

Schematic for Condor Draftmaster anti down draft terminal/ Cowl
Condor Draftmaster non rotating anti down draft cowl for wood heaters

Dynamics of recirculated heated airflow using Condor Ductdown system

Air Transfer Systems for your home

Distribute warm air throughout rooms during winter months.
Save on heating cost and cycle warm attic space air down into your home

Condor Ductdown recycling system from roof void
Condor Ductdown recycling system from roof void

12vdc actuated Condor Purge Vent for raked and cathedral ceilings

HVAC Delivery Vents (Manual & Powered operation)

For all roof types
Can be used with all roof ventilator types.
Manual or remote controlled

Condor AC 240vac axial ceiling mount fan
Condor Ventilation AC& EC fans

Image Condor Ventilator air flow controller/damper

Flowmaster Airflow Controllers (Damper)

Control the air flow through your roof ventilator with an Condor Air Flow Controller

schematic of Condor Air Flow Controller /Damper for Windtower roof ventilator
Condor Ventilation Roof Fan powered Ventilator

Flowmaster Ingress & Egress Axial Fans

Roof mounted for low noise, high efficiency /low resistance

Condor AC series axial fan mounted with low resistance Windtower

Condor Axial & Centrifugal Fans

Pressure delivery or negative exhaust.
Enquire as to what best suits your application.

Tubular skylights with reflective shaft

Architectural Solum & Soluminaire tubular skylights have leakproof flashing, are fabricated in stainless steel and Australian made.

Tubular skylight by Condor

Condor Indoor Swimming Pool and spa ventilation

Indoor Pool Ventilation

Ventilate your Indoor Pool or Spa roof in all weather conditions.
Stop odour and damp air spreading through the house.

It stinks in  here

Condor Draftmaster Fire Flue system.

Draftmaster Flue Systems for Wood Heaters & Fireplaces

Generic only gets you so far.
A Condor Draftmaster System improves performance and solves all ingress/egress problems

Advanced flue system allowing preheated ambient air back into room by pressure equalisation

Image of Condor ventilators used on aerobic toilets

Cellar & Specialised Venting Systems

Get a ventilation system to suit your purpose.

Bathroom ventilation dynamics
Bathroom ventilation dynamics

Natural & Powered Eaves Vents

Vent your roof space efficiently with HiFlow stainless steel eaves vents.
Low profile, simple to install with removable core for easy installation access and cleaning
Available in designer colours
Made in Australia

Ideal for coastal regions, fabricated in stainless steel and resin coated.

Flashings for roof penetrations

Custom Flashings for Roof Penetrations

The best ‘old school fabrication’ leak proof flashings for your roof.
No pooling with good water runoff
Australian made in stainless steel.

Windtower ventilation of water storage
Sydney Water

Condor Evaporative pressure responsive ceiling registers

Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Use natural ways of maintaining comfort values before jumping to air conditioning to make up for poor design

Condor door vents for undercut air flow

Door Vents

Allow air movement and displacement in all rooms and have natural comfort levels.

Condor air transfer system

Poor bathroom vetilation

Bathroom Ventilation

Prevent mould in a bathroom. Have the right product in the best place, such as the fan over the shower where it should be.
Multi tasking products don’t do it

Ceiling vent cover for Condor bathroom ceiling fan
Ceiling vent cover for Condor bathroom ceiling fan