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Ventilating a Cathedral – Raked- Skillion Roof

Ventilating a Cathedral roof

Summer months, the house is hot, hot, hot,… and you want it cooler.

The air conditioner isn’t coping……and sleep is not happening.
So what do clever people do?
Take their mattress outside?

No, they purge the heat out of the house in the evening, replacing it with the cool air from outside.
No air conditioner and you get to sleep.
Heat to goes up through the ceiling vent and out to atmosphere via the Windtower roof ventilator.
Cool air is drawn in simultaneously, through the window, to cool the room down.
Start the next day cooler…. instead of adding to the stored heat present otherwise.

The Condor Purge Vent
Steel fabrication, not plastic

1/ Can be left open in all weather conditions.
2/ Incremental opening.
3/ Use as a window without security concerns.
4/ Removes heat, unpleasant odours and toxic fumes.
5/ 20 year warranty on construction.
6/ Fully fabricated in Australia
7/ 2 models – Manual push/pull operation or 12vdc actuated.

Purging heat out of single and double storey house with a Condor purge vent.

Vent Closures

The Condor purge vents are used to ventilate heat, odour and dust, out of rooms creating a healthier environment and fresh ambiance.
So whether you are venting to conventional, raked or cathedral ceilings, the Condor Purge Vent are a distinct performance plus in improving comfort and well being.

Available in various sizes, in both manual (push /pull) or 12 vdc linear actuator operation, hard wired or remote control operation.

Use the manually operated PP purge vent.
A simple push / pull operation using an extended rod and claw, to max ceiling height of 3 metres.
The 12vdc linear actuated DC Purge vent is recommended for higher ceilings.

Purge vents can also be used in conjunction with refrigerated or evaporative types of air conditioning systems.

Purge vent specifications

Standard opening stroke length 100mm standard, with optional 150mm Both PP and 12vdc can be opened incrementally.
12vdc units are available either hard wired or with remote control option.

Residential sizes from 250 – 500 dia.

Condor purge vents are fabricated in steel, and resin coated to colour, in Australia.
Roof unit is supplied specific to situation, such as, roof pitch, area, etc.
Installation is simple & straight forward.

Condor purge vents can be used with other roof ventilators although the performance may be unbalanced.

Contact Condor for the size best suited to your situation.
Condor architectural products are not common hardware items.

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Purge vent schematic for venting rooms through conventional residential ceilings.
Manual Push/ Pull Action for raked ceilings
Actuated Purge vent schematic for venting  raked, vaulted and cathedral ceilings to atmosphere.
12vdc Linear Actuator
Manual Push/Pull operation ceiling vent for ventilating cathedral roof and ceilings
12vdc actuated for ventilating cathedral roof and ceilings