Door Vents

Door vents are to allow air displacement from one room to another.
They allow pressure to equalize in all areas separated by a closed door.

Air displacement from one room to another is best achieved at low level so as not compromise privacy.
In wet areas such as bathrooms, where air is best introduced at a low level and exhausted out at a high point in the ceiling, so as to air wash the area in between.
Minimal noise transfer allows better privacy.

Condor Flowmaster Door Vents


Pressure equalization is also another benefit derived from this particular form of venting when air conditioning is used.
Especially as the building envelope seal is becoming more and more efficient regarding ambient.
Condor Flowmaster door vents are fabricated in stainless steel and resin coated to colour
The various designs are meant to harmonise with the overall aesthetic presence of the door.

The door vents are custom fabricated in Australia from perforated stainless steel, in custom shapes to suit individual doors.

Condor Flow master Door Vents

Bathroom Ventilation

In the case of bathroom ventilation air ingress is critical.
This is normally gained via and external window however this is not always possible although low level ingress is preferred.
Air ingress into bathrooms is best served from a window.
However should air ingress be from a door it is suggested the door be undercut.

Wet area door venting dynamic

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