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The purpose of venting the roof is to improve the living environment in the rooms below. For this to occur an air flow potential needs to be established, from the rooms below, to the windtower. This can ether be achieved in either dedicated or non dedicated manner, using manual or electrically operated ceiling registers. This approach reintroduces the benefits of the discarded exterior wall vents of the past, in allowing the room(s) to aspirate as required and be able to close incrementally, or full closure.

Condor also has a solution for raked and cathedral ceilings where the distance between the roof and ceiling is relatively non existent. Whether the room is small or large Condor have the ideal system for your situation. The house is able to cool off quickly during the summer months and you get to save quite significantly on air conditioning costs.

Condor systems can be installed in either dedicated or non dedicated mode. Dedicated – the Windtower and the ceiling purge vent are connected by a duct. Non dedicated – allows the roof void to depressurize through the roof ventilator (eg. bathroom fans etc) whilst allowing the individual rooms with ceiling registers to remain independent.

The Condor Windtower is a roof feature and refinement as it is incorporated into the roof design. Construction in stainless steel and resin coated to colorbond colour required. Condor roof ventilation products are manufactured in Australia and supplied project specific in architectural format.

Optional: Condor Flowmaster PurgeVents are available in either manual operation or 12v dc electrical closure, with or without remote controller. The manual PP series has a push / pull action, pull to open, push to close. These can be opened and closed using a hook on the end of a rod of appropriate length. The DCV series is with a 12v linear actuator with optional remote controller.

Condor Roof Ventilator
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Condor Roof Ventilator / Purge Vent