Residential Double Storey

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Residential double Storey

Roof Ventilation for Double Story Dwellings

During the summer months a house absorbs incredible amounts of heat, more if the roof is a dark colour with the mean average being 68 degrees C

The roof area begins to build up pressure like a pressure cooker. This heat load will permeate into the building fabric, and store itself in the insulation, making comfort levels on the top floor unbearable.

A double storey situation is worse as the combined heat load of the house ends up upstairs via the stairwell and collects in the rooms of the upper level, so an efficient means of relief needs to be employed in allowing the heat to escape up, through the ceiling, and out the roof ventilator.

All houses, air conditioned or not, benefit considerably by having a Condor Kinetic whole house system installed. The savings on electricity bills alone is well worth the exercise not to mention healthier.

The most critical aspect of summer venting is night time purging. It is essential that the house shed it’s acquired heat load of the day and not carry any residual load into the next.

All Condor products are architectural in nature in that they are supplied project specific. Roof Ventilators are supplied as per roof type, pitch and profile enabling correct and efficient installation.

Condor Purge Vent

The Condor roof ventilator is used in both residential & commercial buildings and is the preferred design for most architectural projects due to it’s high performance and motionless appearance.

Only one appropriately sized unit is required for a common void.

Selection – double story conventional square / rect attic roof area.

  • 210 sq/m roof area Vortex 450
  • 280 sq/m roof area Vortex 550

This is a general indication as to what is required in respect to roof ventilator sizes using Condor technology.

There are variables to be considered, such as roof pitch and internally ducted air conditioning as well as roof colour / material One large roof ventilator is always more efficient that multiple smaller.

Ceiling registers are manually opened and closed on demand, from the floor using rod and claw.. This allows for efficient heat purging of an evening during summer and controls heat loss during winter months.

The Condor Kinetic Cupola Ventilator – the most efficient natural roof ventilator in the world today, has a 20 year warranty on construction and material.