Purge VENT

purge Vent

Condor Purge Vent

keep your

rooms cool &

odour free,


manual, push/pull or remote 12vdc operation for conventional or raked ceilings

The benefits of venting rooms in this manner is to improve the living environment and air quality in each room naturally and without cost. A means of air flow is established, from the window, through the ceiling vent to the ventilator on the roof.

This reintroduces the benefits of the discarded exterior cavity wall vents of the past with the difference being that this flow can now be controlled, with the purge vent being able to be opened and closed, either fully or incrementally.

residential sizes: 300 – 350 – 450

Condor Purge Vent
Condor PP Purge vent
Purge vent schematic