Architectural Ceiling Registers & Vents

Roof Ventilator Air Flow Controllers

Flowmaster PP & EA Series

Steel Construct – Atmospheric flow

relief diameter sizes are

  • 250 PP
  • 300 PP & EA
  • 350 PP & EA
  • 550 PP & EA
  • 600 PP & EA
  • 700 EA

Available in manually operated and 12v electric actuator operation.

PP manual is a simple push / pull operation using an extended rod and claw, suited to ceiling height situations with a max height of 3.5m Used in conjunction with natural flow ventilation and air conditioning, with or without, remote control function in either dedicated or non dedicated mode.

Stroke length 100mm standard, Optional 150mm Can be opened incrementally These are operated by a 12 v linear actuator (optional remote control) Max load current 3A Operational noise level below 40dB with built in limit switch Speed 5 – 15mm/sec

Construction is steel or stainless steel, resin coated whiteSizes from 250 – 700 dia are available for dedicated and non dedicated mode.

Condor architectural products are fabricated in steel, and resin coated to colour, instead of plastic thus avoiding early deterioration requiring replacement.

Unit is supplied in architectural format, ie specic to situation and duty