Condor Flowmaster AFC Series

Air Flow Controllers for Roof Ventilators

Flowmaster AFC Butterfly Damper Series

Roof ventilator damper
Condor AirFlow Controller for Roof Ventilator

Stainless Steel Construct

relief diameter sizes are

The AFC in the Condor roof ventilator is used to control the air flow from the building, and address any detrimental and erratic internal temperature values as may occur.

In winter months,

In commercial buildings sealing the area allows containment during cooler months, allowing the heat to be retained and contribute to better comfort levels.

In residential buildings, the roof void or attic becomes a heat bank and during the day trapped heat can be channeled down into the living areas below offsetting high heating costs of an evening.

The Controller,

Is a 240vac rotary actuator is a drive open / drive close unit which can be employed to open incrementally with which to control the airflow.


roof ventilation

AFC Actuator 240v

Siemens Rotary Actuator  5-10 Nm Amperage 2va

Wire Description



Actuating Signal AC 230 (6-4) clockwise

Actuating Signal AC 230 V (7-4) counter clockwise





LG-Terminal Code



Condor roof ventilator AFC
Condor roof ventilator closure