Condor DraftMaster SF Series

Fireplace Anti Downdraft Cowls

Condor DraftMaster SF Series

(solid fuel)

anti downdraft cowl for wood and gas heaters

making your fireplace perform better

Developed for masonry chimneys and steel flue configurations for slow combustion stoves and open fireplaces


Since 1983 Condor has a 100% success rate in solving wood heater problems arising from inclement weather conditions and poor configurations.

The Condor DraftMaster SF (cowl), a motionless multi venturi unit, does not require directional accommodation, and was developed to deflect detrimental downdraft potential in wood heaters and fireplaces.

The Condor DraftMaster SF anti downdraft cowl consists of conical sections suspended in series so as to form a multi-venturi configuration, with it’s revolutionary split cap, and is performance enhanced in natural air currents (wind).

The Condor DraftMaster SF multi venturi terminal (cowl) is the most efficient solid fuel anti downdraft terminal (cowl) in the world today.

The DraftMaster SF anti downdraft cowl is available with a custom transition to suit existing installation and configurations.


Draftmaster anti downdraft
antidown draft cowl

Condor DraftMaster SF Series

Dimensions for Condor anti downdraft cowl

The SF Condor Draftmaster Terminal (Cowl) has excellent discharge characteristics and the adherence of carbon and resinous materials does not occur as with conventional flue caps and cowls.

The Condor SF unit is far more responsive to directional changes than a directional or swivel cowl and will never require maintenance.

Correct back pressure is also of primary importance as it stabilizes the upward flow of the gases/smoke.

The Condor DraftMaster SF terminal (cowl) is fabricated, to suit individual applications, in 304 & 316 stainless steel and Polyester resin coated.


The Condor DraftMaster SF terminal (cowl) is also of exceptional benefit to slow combustion stoves with their small diameter flues where the slow burning cycle promotes the likelihood of resin and subsequent adherence of carbon deposits in the flue.

The SF Condor Terminal was designed to arrest downdraft in fireplaces and slow combustion stoves. Ongoing development has now produced a unit that improves the general performance as indicated.

Important Note:

The Condor DraftMaster SF terminal (cowl) will not resurrect a bad installation or a poorly designed fireplace.

Maximum discharge size of steel flue is determined by outer casing size encapsulating inner active.
Venting between casing and active at top end is not recommended as it is essential to keep the flue as warm to maintain upward flow. Venting between casings negates this.

Discharge Size of masonry chimney is determined by the diagonal measurement of opposing corners of the flue opening at the top of the chimney.

Correct choice ensures optimum performance.