eaves VENT

Eaves Vents

FlowMaster HiFlow eaves vents.

for positive natural air ingress into roof void or attic

with flush or recessed cradle mounting platform

  • perforated (2mm) stainless steel construct
  • flush or recessed mount
  • easily removable for cleaning
  • suitable for BAL regions
  • resin coated white
  • 20 year warranty
  • no plastic

Keeping the roof space, or attic void, vented allows the house to respond better to changes in ambient conditions.

The best way to vent this area is with perforated stainless steel eaves vents that are going to last as long as the house and not deteriorate as the plastic type will do.
Condor has moved away from the plastic model which are inclined to become brittle and break as the plasticisers leach out.

The Flowmaster HiFlow eaves vents are easily removable for cleaning, painting or just simple access.

Condor Flowmaster products focus on the life and efficiency of the vent, not simply the appearance.

The Hiflow stainless steel eaves vents are available in various sizes and are also custom made to specific configurations.

These simple dynamics change the livability and comfort levels in a house and their performance incurs no cost.

Condor eaves vents are available in different sizes…however it is the design that provides efficiency of performance, not appearance or cost.

The Condor eaves vent comes in two parts, both in stainless steel and resin coated white.

roof ventilation

Positive venting of the bathroom / wet area, etc with an inline fan ducted to an appropriately sizes eaves vent, is also a better and more efficient option than exhausting through a vertical wall window. Vertical to vertical extraction is not only quieter but more efficient than horizontal flow.

Standard Sizes in mm

……… 450 x 550

……….500 x 150

……….300 x 300

……….300 x 150

……….300 x 100

Custom sizes are also available

Eaves vents stainless steel

Venting attic void

Fitting the eaves vent is a simple affair in cutting out the appropriate hole, fitting the trim and inserting the eaves vent into place

eaves vents
ventilation variations

Condor Flowmaster Hiflow vents are not available in hardware stores.