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FlowMaster - Bathroom / WC - Door undercut vents

The Flowmaster range of wet area door vents are suited to contemporary, period, and modern doors. The WADV range is an impact resistant and relatively unobtrusive vent performing an essential function. Is coloured to harmonized with any colour scheme be it door, wall or floor.

The Flowmaster WADV is fabricated in perforated stainless steel, 2mm dia aperture, and resin colour coded to colour of choice with mounting and fixing to a door a simple procedure. No plastic materials are used in the construct.

Condor ventilation door vent
Condor door vent
Condor Ventilation door vent

Custom sizes and architectural configurations available on application

The FlowMaster WADV has excellent flow characteristics be it for ingress, egress or pressure equalization to a room or area.

Sound transmission through a Flowmaster WADV undercut door vent is less when compared to a conventional door vent of equal free air value.

The vent location in a door determines efficiency as regards to purpose. The clean lines of the Flowmaster WADV vent also make it a primary contender where aesthetics are concerned

All WADV architectural door vents are supplied to specific door sizes as required