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Condor Roof Ventilation hub

The Condor Cupola is the modern day version of reminiscent residential architecture circa 1940’s where the cupola sat proudly as the jewel on the roofing crown of a gentleman’s residence. Only one centrally located, and considered as an integral part of the construct in reducing the number of roof penetrations required.

The present day Condor model is a far more efficient unit, fabricated in stainless steel, resin colour coded to roof colour and requiring no maintenance.

Fabricated in Australia to architectural specifications.

Condor architectural products are custom made to project specifications and are not ‘on shelf’ hardware store items

Traditional Cupola
Condor roof ventilator stainless steel
Condor roof ventilation schematic
Condor Roof ventilation Hub

Conversion of air flow to a central location minimises roof penetrations required to service exhaust fans and such whilst allowing the roof to aspirate to full advantage.
The service ducting is directed to within a 300mm proximity of the Cupola opening where pressure will always respond to minimal resistance and exhaust to atmosphere.

Venting of individual rooms with the use of purge vents that can be opened and closed, from trickle to full flow displacement. Each Purge vent vacates into the attic/above ceiling area/void.

Having air volume converge to one central venting location in the roof space assists in continuity of flow and is the most efficient than any of the alternatives.

In a residential situation this principle is far easier to implement as the balance of peripheral ingress to central egress can be easily installed.

The size selection of the services hub is determined by the roof size, pitch and services anticipated.

Condor engineers will be able to assist regarding duty sizes according to purpose and expectations