Condor DraftMaster PR Flue System

Flue System for Slow Combustion Heaters

DraftMaster PR Flue System

Condor Draftmaster PR System

There is no doubt that the flue system dictates the performance of your wood or coal burning heater.

The Condor PR pressure responsive flue system allows preheated air/oxygen into the room to replace that which has been consumed by the combustion process.

It cannot be doubted that today the building envelope has a much tighter seal to uncontrolled air ingress & egress.

Wood burning heaters consume oxygen which needs to be reintroduced back inside from outside the building envelope.

To get the most out of your investment in a wood heater, a Condor Draftmaster PR flue system is a must have.

The Condor Draftmaster PR system preheats the ambient air coming into the home making it the most advanced design for heating efficiency, volume repacement and emission control in the world today.

The efficiency of a wood burning heater is only as good as the flue system that services it and generic flue kits installed have no specific performance advantages in either design or heat output.

Condor fire flue system

In addition to the Condor (anti downdraft) Terminal, the system also incorporates an adjustable vent within the ceiling manifold to control the air flow between the primary casing and active flue.

The secondary casing allows the active flue to retain a high heat level to ensure efficient discharge of smoke gases.

This is of particular benefit to high pitched and ‘A’ frame roofs.

The stainless steel flue casing is standard and available in colorbond roof colours.

The system is fully fabricated in stainless steel and extends well beyond the Australian standards.

The PR system is custom fabricated to required length with roof flashing integral to the system.

Roof flashing is supplied to specific roof pitch for both conventional and raked/cathedral ceilings.

Condor fire flue system

The roof flashing itself has structural strength and clear water runoff, is fabricated in stainless steel, which will not deteriorate over time and designed to outlast the roofing material on which it’s installed.

Heater performance is improved and carbon buildup is reduced with the self cleaning stainless steel flue. The Condor design allows the flue installation to terminate well below the roof ridge and not be ‘smoked out’ by downdraft through negative internal pressure.

The Condor DraftMaster PR flue system allows preheated replacement air to enter the room via the primary casing vent.