Dreadnaught 600SS + 700SS

Condor Windtower Roof Ventilation Systems

Dreadnaught 600SS + 700SS

Stainless Steel Construct –
AFC Damper (optional)

The Condor

The Condor Roof Ventilator represents “state of the art” and is the most effective natural roof ventlator in the world today exceeding the efficiency of its wind rotating counterparts.

The Condor’s unique motionless design is capable of providing all buildings with positive ventilation through natural energy conversion.

Pressure differentials always exist in and about a building. Where air ingress in the conventional manner, is not available. Condor Ventilators are able to respond to pressure variables and allow air to enter as well as exit simply put. to allow building volume ingress and egress through the Condor Ventilators.

This function also makes the Condor eminently suited for fire venting of buildings.


The Condor Roof Ventilator is an array of stainless steel conical sections attached to stainless steel vertical uprights in a multi­venturi configuration and is supplied with a custom base to suit roof pitch. colour & profile


As the air currents move across the conical sections. a multi venturi effect is created. with the air from inside the building being drawn out.

The Condor is unequaled in it’s ability to provide continuous ventilation with no operational and maintenance costs.

The Condor is also suited to Australian cyclonic conditions


The Condor Roof Ventilator can be fixed and water sealed to any type of roof.

Simplicity of design enables installation to be performed quickly and economically.

For further information of specific application or installation contact Condor Ventilation.

Condor roof ventilation
Condor Roof Ventilator
Condor airflow controller for roof ventilator

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