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Roof Ventilators shall be proprietary Condor Dreadnaught Windtower D900SS complete with custom base fabricated to roof pitch and to suit location and profile as specified. Any and all optional equipment as required, and or requested, will be matched to the Condor Dreadnaught Windtower series as specified.


Ventilator Bases are fabricated to the true perpendicular of the roof pitch within + or – 0.5 degrees. There is no onsite adjustment required. Base flashings are structurally reinforced.

Base types are available as follows:

Off Ridge (to one side of the ridge)

On Ridge (straddled across the two planes)

Spot Location (location anywhere between ridge and gutter)

for conventional or curved roof All Condor equipment is resin coated to offset any electrolytic potential of dissimilar materials.


Air Flow Controller / Damper + 240v Actuator Full or incremental opening Type; Butterfly Dimensions: 900mm dia Unit is accessed from roof Actuator: Siemens 240v d/o, d/c Torque: 10 NM Type: Rotary Amperage: 2 & 3va

Condor roof ventilator
roof ventilation

Additional Information

Condor Windtowers are passive pressure responsive motionless roof ventilators using the thermal and pressure dynamics in and about a building. Manufactured in Australia and have a periodical and sustainable cyclonic rating in excess of 300k/h

Construction & Finish:

Fully fabricated in 304 or 316 stainless steel and resin colour coded to Colorbond range of colours. Bases are constructed according to roof pitch and profile complete with stainless steel bird and rodent mesh. Venting for high security situations are also available.

Air Flow Control Equipment:

 AFC equipment, dampers and registers are available, and fabricated to suit purpose as dictated by client.


Condor Ventilation warrants the Windtower Dreadnaught roof ventilator will retain it’s performance characteristics for a period of twenty years.This warranty does not extend to damage by mechanical impact.


Rain Ingress:

Effective aero dynamic area:

Class A – 50 m/s no water


Nominal Performance:

Free air conditions with 8 degree thermal differential at stack height of 8 metres

Wind velocity:

0k/h 1230l/s

5k/h: 2185l/s

10k/h: 2510l/s

Nominal Weight:


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