Windtower Roof Ventilation Systems

Advanced Technology for High Performance Roof Ventilation

With no moving parts, the silent, pressure responsive multi venturi Wind Tower is a non aging solution requiring zero operational maintenance

The Australian made WindTower, fabricated in stainless steel with a 30 year warranty, and are suitable for cyclonic regions, and offering options such as air flow control systems and BAL solutions for high fire risk situations. Colorbond colour coded

Used in

Roof Ventilators sub terranian
University Capetown - South Africa
roof ventilation
Vortex 700 University Western Sydney Performing Arts Building
roof ventilator motionless
Sydney Water
Ventlation Modes by Condor
Roof Ventilator sizes
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The use of WindTower(s) as per location, and number of, is defined by efficiency of ingress potential and height of building. Activity within the area is also a consideration regarding heat and detrimental toxic or toxicant emissions.

The WindTower deployment moves away from the antiquated inefficient ‘air change’ approach of the past.

Designed to establish desired comfort levels where possible. Windtowers are becoming an integral part of the building design itself and not mere roof apertures deemed to comply requiring ongoing service and eventual replacement.


Roof Ventilators shall be Condor Windtower (size) manufactured by Condor Ventilation with custom mounting to (pitch & type) roof and colour to be installed only as per manufacturers specifications.


Air Flow Controller with 240v d/o, d/c Siemens rotary actuator as supplied by Condor.

Roof ventilator airflow controller
Roof Ventilator schematic
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