Cathedral Ceiling Ventilation

Windtower Roof Ventilation Systems

Cathedral Ceiling Ventilation

Features: Roof Unit with Purge Vent

  • Manual or remote 12vdc controlled
  • All metal construct
  • 25 year warranty
  • Stainless Steel Construct
  • Excellent Weather Integrity
  • Cyclone resistant
  • Maintenance free
  • Custom roof mount fabrication
  • Colorbond colours
  • BAL provision
  • 25 year warranty

Diameter sizes available

– 300

– 350

– 450

Residential sizes from 300 – 550 dia are available in both off ridge and on ridge (cupola) mounting.

Condor architectural products are fabricated in steel, and resin coated to colour. Use of plastic materials is avoided thus avoiding product deterioration requiring replacement.

Unit is supplied in architectural format, ie specific to roof pitch and colour


Controlled, efficient natural ventilation for vaulted and cathedral ceilings

Today we have a marked increase in cathedral and raked ceilings in a quest to create spaciousness in limited space. Efficient and controlled ventilation of these areas was always difficult, and only now, with the Condor FlowMaster ceiling purge vents, is one able to do so effectively.

Advantages of Condor Purge ventilation systems,

  • Optional ceiling mount fully recessed presence
  • Silent operation
  • Effective natural cooling, particularly during the evening purge cycle allowing natural upward displacement of heat.
  • Significant reduction in cooling costs. Better air quality
  • Cyclone rated
  • Manual or Remote controlled