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modular ceilings for creative environments

Condor have released a ceiling concept which adds a little gaiety, in colour and materials, to the otherwise conventional ceiling schemes.

The Carnivale is a ceiling which is more flexible and easier to install in comparison to the current suspended ceilings of today.

Materials used are timber and steel which add a softer and more characteristic presence which is anything but obscure.

The system is based on a series of timber faced span beams anchored either to vertical walls or horizontal overhead surface, with nominal 1200mm secondary linear spacer supports, allowing the ceiling panels to be laid in either the conventional, offset or 30 degree angled pattern.

The nominal 1200mm linear spacer top hat sections are powder coated to colours of choice allowing the visual composition to be viewed as a more vibrant presence particularly to the young.

The system also allows for the accommodation of most third party products as may be required, or desired, making the overall area vibrant and alive.

Inserts can be either the economical or acoustically designed performance panels with either soft or perforated lined surfaces.

The system is also ideal for short term temporary areas and demountable displays.

Ceiling layout design

Insert panels can be either proprietary items or panels designed to specific performance values as required. Layout can be wall to wall, island, fragmented or peripheral with grid patterns being within the 1200 x 1200 in increments of 300, 400, or 600mm Three dimensional disposition is also available with the use of recessed cradles to a height of 100mm increasing the acoustic performance particularly with sound reverberation