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Condor conceptual products

  1. The Condor design criteria is referenced on purpose, function and performance.
  2. The development of their architectural ventilation products is based on supplying practical and sustainable ventilation solutions in building design.
  3. In recent years a mechanical product range has been included for situations requiring immediate and spontaneous performance but mindful of the carbon footprint in their operational efficiency.
  4. Stainless steel is the preferred material for Condor products ensuring long, problem free, product life.
  5. Condor manufacture only architectural ‘as project requires’ products with all design, research and fabrication performed in Australia.
    All Condor product designs are based on inhouse research and development, with full Australian support and warranty.
Condor roof ventilation ingress Eaves vent

Door/Purge/Eaves Vents

Venting bathrooms and other wet areas in Residential and Commercial situations

Door/Purge/Eaves Vents

Purge Vent Heat & Odours, Door Vent Bathroom, Eaves Vents
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Condor Purge Vent

Purge Vents & Ceiling Registers

For removal of heat and odor from rooms in residential and commercial situations

Ceiling Registers

Ceiling Register Residential & Commercial, Ceiling Register manual operation
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