Flueing a Slow Combustion Wood Heater or Stove

So you’ve just installed a wood heater.

Looked great in the showroom and the salesman was very helpful.

And it was supplied with a flue kit, an item you hadn’t given any thought to until it was mentioned and you most likely presumed it would be from the manufacturers of the wood heater, and designed to suit same.

However, in 99% of cases the flue kit supplied is a generic type, where one design fits all.

After it’s installed there’s a 50% chance you are going to be beset by problems in the operation of the wood heater, the common one being smoke entering the room particularly when you attempt to reload the heater.

You make mention of this to the installer, and the most common suggestion will be that you elevate the flue by another metre.

So straight away you’re caught between a rock and a hard place, you’re out of your depth and you don’t know enough about the situation you’re in.

Now you’re facing an additional cost with no guarantee, coupled with the fact that you need to stabilize the flue stack by guy wiring it down and ending up with an unsightly installation, particularly if you’re in a high wind area.

This is not what you envisaged when buying the heater!

And if you go this route you will then discover a myriad of surprises, one of which being that the extended flue increases the likelihood of carbon buildup in the active flue and resin drip.

Resin drip will change the water quality.

That introduces an extra maintenance cost which should exist as the heater should be self cleaning when used the right way.

Then you’re told that thousands of installations have been done this way without any problems.

Not so!


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Condor fire flue system

Condor pressure responsive flue system for wood heaters


DraftMaster Flue System



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