Ventilation Flim Flam

Ventilation Flim Flam

Ever notice how the number of professional assistants are getting fewer and fewer and the number of faceless promoters are ever increasing.

You want this, but you end up with that, because you thought, whereas in reality you made a decision in a confused state brought about by the ‘flim flam’ man….and it’s all online.

Online auctions are where you will find vague ambiguous claims that suggest one thing but in fact are saying something else, you need to read very, very carefully.

You enquire online about ventilation and all of a sudden you’re hijacked into considering insulation.
This is one of the better attempts of flim flam…..

Then you get sites like Efficiency Matrix and the like, who sideline the reader from his initial enquiry with, ‘before we answer the question of “Does roof ventilation work?” lets talk about insulation’

The entity, probably an SEO practioner, had no idea about ventilation, and or the benefit of ventilation systems in the home, so the reader is not going to get any joy whatsoever and more likely end up getting confused about ventilation products in general.

The moment you realize nothing makes sense, you’re getting caught in flim flam….drop it cold and move on as
‘In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king’ and you are going to be out of your league.


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