Ventilating a Raked Ceiling

How to ventilate a raked ceiling

Rooms with raked and cathedral ceilings have one common problem during the summer months ….they get hot quickly… and stay hot longer.

Obviously venting the heat out is the answer, but how to do it without creating consequential issues such as water ingress when you’re not at home when it happens to be raining when you want to vent the room.

Remember heat is energy just looking to be released and you want a roof ventilator that does just that.

First you select a roof ventilator or cupola, the size of which is determined by the size of the room and the means of low level air ingress (via door and windows)

Then you match it with a ceiling vent or register that can be opened and closed at will, either manually, push / pull with a rod of suitable length, or if it’s too high with a electrically operated ceiling vent via switch or remote controlled.

It’s advisable to choose a ceiling or purge vent able to be opened incrementally so that it can be used to freshen the room at varied times during the year as occasion requires and just as important to be left open irrespective of weather conditions.

The difference experienced as a consequence of the installation will be quite remarkable, a different room altogether especially if the room is on an upper level. The roof ventilator chosen in such a case will need to be larger as the total heat load of the house will be trying to get out of the roof ventilator/ cupola.

It may seem like an unwelcome expense but ventilation properly done will be well worth the noticeable transformation.

All equipment should be selected on performance and not cost.

Avoid plastic products, yes they are cheaper just as they will inevitably become brittle and break due to the leaching of the plasticisers, leaving you with a degree of difficulty in replacing them in due course.

Condor purge vents are fabricated in steel with a stainless steel and brass movement.


Roof Ventilator schematic

Condor roof ventilation Purge Vent




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