The Ventilation Specialist

Roof Ventilation Specialist

A roof ventilation specialist or ventilation specialist as is commonly referred to, as a person who can define what currently exists in a given situation and indicate all the variables involved in achieving the desired end result.

In today’s day and age where everyone lays claim to knowledge simply by accessing Google, problems have increased rather than decreased. Accessing knowledge on ventilation and becoming aware of the variations in ventilation is one thing…how to implement the desirable aspects is another.

Possessing a scalpel does not a surgeon make.

Advice on forums such as Whirlpool can give some insight, but other than look at the reference material as may be supplied, do not take personal recommendation based on their experience as being suited to your situation, as very often it is not.

Read very carefully and not just that which you want to believe.

The only person that can fool you is you.

Overthinking is often as detrimental as insufficient consideration and remember you only want to do it once and have it done properly.

A roof ventilation specialist is able to assess your needs and possibilities according to your expectations and advise as to the feasible realities.
How to make your home cooler during summer or warmer during winter.

The ventilation specialist will discuss product types and concepts, not brands….and he will have knowledge on which products perform well within a given criteria to those that don’t….and be willing to put his name to the advice given.

The ventilation specialist will also point out the positives and negatives of any particular approach or product type being anticipated.

If the specialist can’t,……. then you’re talking to a salesman not a specialist or professional.

The specialist takes responsibility for the outcome of the advice given!


“It’s part of our new workplace ventilation system.” (man at desk with a large vent pipe over his head)


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