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To those who turn to Google to find a roof ventilation solution to their situation, be prepared to get confused and disillusioned.

Even architects are so confused with all the claims to the point where they advise their clients to choose at the time of installing the roof.

With the battle for page one presence being waged, the last thing being offered is assistance in defining your specific problem, and the knowledge to finding an appropriate solution.

The name of the game is…… “pick me, I’ve got what you want”…whatever it is

In all cases, the answer is going to be in your hands, and as in most situations, knowing less is better than thinking you know more, because if they are all selling the same product the printing on the box isn’t going to make a big difference

If you do not truly understand what is being proposed leave it alone, because this is one situation where being uninformed can work in your favour.

The sites are quick to tell you what your ventilation problem is and what types of ventilation systems they have in stock for you to resolve your ventilation problem with, whether it be roof ventilation, bathroom ventilation, or ventilating the dreaded ‘mould’ in the roof’

And you find yourself with a whole lot of answers that don’t match up with the questions you may have.

Therein lays the secret, make sure they answer your question, and not attempt to fit your question to their answer.


Prospective purchaser says, ‘I’ve heard this roof ventilator can be quite noisy.
Salesman responds, these roof ventilators have now got nylon bearings.

Did the salesman say, this roof ventilator is not noisy?

No! he left it to you to presume what you wish without committing himself

Being in the business of selling roof ventilators, and or ventilation systems, is not the same as having the expertise in solving ventilation problems.

A little like going to the butcher to discuss impending open cut surgery

As with the wonder ventilation gimmick of the moment, the solar roof ventilator. That which is going to give you something for nothing….after you’ve purchased the solar roof ventilator, and installed or had it installed.

The Roof Ventilation product of the decade……

a roof ventilator that has a 12v fan hooked up to a solar panel inside a plastic housing exposed to the elements, with the claim that it’s going to perform wonders because it’s a solar powered roof ventilator….the wonder product of the century…if only the Romans knew about it.

So, putting vague ventilator performance values aside,

how long is the solar panel going to last,?

and the fan, what is rated at ? in full sun of course because if there’s no sun…no workee,

how often do you plan to replace this wonder roof ventilator?

and are you going to do periodical inspections up on the roof or are you going to pay someone to do it?

and the biggie….how is this going work regarding night time purging, the most critical time for venting a house, a room or roof space?

On one occasion I asked a solar vent salesman what was going to happen of an evening when night time purging was critical…without skipping a beat his answer was…the solar vent was so efficient during the day that it didn’t need to work at night…. now that, to me, is a considerable feat, as those words would have stuck in my throat had I attempted to utter them, even in jest.

and take note…rocket science didn’t suffer any loss when the salesman or tradie chose his vocation….flim flam is alive and well.


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