LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Contrary to popular belief LED lighting is not the best lighting frequency for the human eye to have to deal with.

If we’re talking space technology where the frequency range is carefully constructed with the appropriate driver(s) then that’s another thing again. These units come at a high cost and not to be confused with the retail products sold to the unsuspecting public.

For the general retail public, driven and enticed by the lure of lighting efficiency, it is something entirely different. The illusion of sameness is not so in reality. LED is the technology, but the product quality is another thing altogether.

The actual lighting frequency of these LED units is not only visually disturbing, promoting disorientation through discomfort of the retina, but also brings with the possibility of a slow degeneration of the optic nerve through eye strain.

For the few illusional cents saved one is better off keeping the preferred frequency fluorescent, preferably the round as opposed to straight tube, in the home


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