Fans Multi Tasking

Multi Tasking Fans in Bathrooms

Multi tasking products for bathrooms and other wet areas seem like a good idea and the promotional presentation has you believing that it’s a great idea and too good to pass up.

When something is designed to perform a single task it can do so quite efficiently, but when the product is designed to do two things, unrelated to each other, there will always be a compromise to the extent that it will do neither well as a dedicated product would.
For instance, you have a product that combines a light fitting, with a fan, you will find it requires a compromise in the appearance of the light fitting and the noise and performance of the fan. Added to this the product will inevitably be made in plastic and when touched in due course for one reason or another will break and require replacing….when you get around to it.

If the unit has heat lamps around the fan, as in the bathroom, then the fan is likely to draw the heat up and out, when both are turned on, not to mention the heat drawing the plasticizers out of the plastic making it brittle and deteriorate even faster.

The product offers claims to multi task……and you think, ‘why buy two or three items when this will do all?’

Think again!

In a day and age where maintenance costs in the home are rising, due to poor product selection, one can ill afford to buy and install poorly designed products especially as cost of maintenance is ever increasing.

Wet areas such as bathrooms are usually the target for such products and conventional wisdom should be exercised when selecting products for such areas.

Exhaust fans, for instance, should always be over the shower and the steam carried away as soon as it is created and before it reaches a light fitting.

A multi tasking unit does not allow such placement.



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