Evaporative Air Conditioning

Evaporative Air Conditioning

Evaporative air conditioning works on displacement of the internal volume of a building.
In the past the volume displaced was via doors and windows which usually meant the building was occupied otherwise security concerns had doors and windows closed.

Condor Ventilation has released a ventilation system that allows owners of evaporative air conditioners to have doors and windows closed when using their systems and not have their security compromised.

By channeling the air up into the roof via pressure responsive air relief ceiling register/s and or through adjustable ceiling registers, and out through a specially designed Condor roof ventilator you are able to maximise the return on your running costs and in fact reduce overall consumption.

The Condor Roof Ventilator also functions as a stand alone unit in that it ventilates the roof independently when the air conditioner is not operating. This function also reduces the demand on your air conditioner, not to mention reducing the heat pressure on the ducting. The roof ventilator is heat & pressure driven, so you will minimise heat load loss during winter. There are no moving parts to maintain or replace. Insulation is not overloaded and reduces heat permeation on ducting


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