Eaves Vents (atmospheric)

Eaves vents allow the roof void between ceiling and roof to equalize in pressure and ventilate to a degree. The pressure created by air expansion during the summer months creates a downward thrust on the ceiling with movement and cracks etc occurring periodically, so venting the roof via the eaves is a good start.

In days of old eaves were lined with timber batons spaced apart by 10mm sometimes with fly wire behind them, so venting of the eaves is much more than just poking holes in the lining to provide adequate flow

The fly wire did present a problem in that it needed to be brushed clean, and even replaced, from time to time.

Today that approach is a little more expensive in the build so alternatives are sought however some products sold in hardware stores, seemingly made for the purpose, are not necessarily suited to your application.

The eaves vent ideally need to be responsive to flow both in and out, with minimal resistance.

Installing vents that have a high resistance value is OK as long as you install enough of them, and clean them when they clog up, which will be quite often. Ideally the vents should be removable for purposes of maintenance otherwise install high flow eave vents, as those from Condor, fabricated in stainless steel and resin coated white.

With roof pitches being lower in todays’ build a roof ventilator is also installed to provide a more positive flow, however one appropriately sized roof ventilator works better than several smaller.

Nature works within defined guidelines and variations to a theme are always possible, but concepts need to be within natural principles and not based on fantasies.


Eaves Vents



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